From Andrew Kahle

This will be a brief update on what will be happening and what has been done at the Y.

We were notified last week that the paperwork for the Red Basket fundraising campaign had to be in this week. It had to be accompanied by estimates to justify the dollar amount we were asking to be raised.

There were three areas we received estimates for:

(1) Upgrading the bath house for ADA compliance to include new plumbing throughout and installation of new support beams under both restrooms. (2) Well repair: the gentleman that drilled the well inspected it with a camera a few days ago and it has not caved in as was thought, the pump has dropped below the casing. He has several options to repair with the easiest being fishing the pump out again. (3) Pool repair: the estimate we asked for was to remove all of the existing filtration systems and replace with new. I talked with the representative form National Pools at length and he indicated that this was the proper sequence in which to do things (there are cosmetic issues in the pools but we can take care of those). The same representative looked at the pools two years ago and indicated that if the funds were available the first priority would be to replace the old systems. All the paperwork was submitted yesterday to Red Basket & should be online soon, when I know for sure I will message again with all the particulars.

I will send out another message later in the week with some workday information and have considered doing one before Christmas. Aside from removing some items for the trash from the pool house there wont be much to do there so we may start in on the 4th grade classrooms (bowing alley) for the 1st workday (or several depending on how long it takes).

We haven't had an official workday but much has been done already: Terrell Odell has kept the yard looking nice & with help from Mac Gordon the trash has been picked up all around. Josh Turner and his Dad got up any remaining trash and some more leaves from around the fences. Donnie Trantham spent most of one day blowing all the leaves out from inside the pool fence onto the "pool road" and the Fieldale Volunteer Fire Department burnt those Wednesday night. Ricky Putman helped in removing the bolts from the diving boards and when we get a few more hands (and backs) we will take those off for the winter. Raeburn French has taken of contacting the well driller and meeting with him at the Y. If I failed to mention anyone else that has been "on the ground" I apologize, there have been several others doing tedious paperwork and making phone calls (Mary Alice & Bea to name a couple).

The only pressing issue at present is getting some water back in the "old" pool before it stays cold. If the well is fixed soon (Raeburn said that could be the end of this week or the first of the next) we will use a generator and fill form there. We have other options in the works if that doesn't happen.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

...The pool estimate also included ADA compliant pool lifts (the standards have changed and the one we have is out of specification)


Where can we make contributions to the Community Center Fund?

Great question!

Fieldale Heritage Festival Inc.
P O Box 590
Fieldale, VA 24089

Make checks payable to
Fieldale Heritage Festival Inc.