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A new owner could mean new life to a run down community center in Henry County.

In October, the county signed over the old Fieldale Community Center to Fieldale Heritage Incorporated because it was too much for the county to fix and maintain.

Now, volunteers are taking on the task and hoping to have the pools open by summer.

“Say you are going to do something and do it to you best ability or attempt it, then you are going to have some success,” Fieldale Heritage Incorporated President Bea Bullard said.

Bullard says it’s a very big challenge but they do not want to lose what the building brings to the community.

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Fieldale work is team effort

Posted: Sunday, December 27, 2015 10:23 pm

With a solid plan in place — and some help from the community – the pools at the Fieldale Community Center could re-open this summer, according to Andrew Kahle.

Kahle has worked closely with the Fieldale Heritage Festival Committee to devise a plan to re-open the center, which is now called the Fieldale Recreation Center and Pools. In October, the Henry County Board of Supervisors transferred ownership of the property to the non-profit organization.

Since that transfer of ownership, Kahle said, the board has worked tirelessly to raise funds for the center, joining forces with Woodmen of the World to create a fundraising page on its crowd-sourced funding website Red Basket.

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Happy Holidays

Dear Members of Fieldale Heritage Inc. and the Fieldale Recreation Center and Pools Organization: 
       As this year draws to a close, I am deeply indebted to each of you for the wonderful support you have given to our Fieldale Heritage Inc. group and for the many ways you continue to contribute.  We have undertaken a tremendous project, but I know that if we continue to work together, wonderful things can be accomplished.  I appreciate each and everyone committed to this project of restoration  for the former center and pools.
      At this season, I wish you and your family all the happy things this special holiday brings.  May the magic and wonder of Christmas bless your home and bring you peace in the new year!  
-Bea Bullard


Heard from Andrew today:

Looks like we will be in the clear to start the pool work as soon as the weather turns in the spring.

We still need donations.  About $81,000 more to be able to open in 2016.  It’s easy to donate.

Options for donations

  • Tell your friends, family, co-workers and employers.
  • Donations are tax deductible.
  • Donations make great Christmas and holiday gifts.

Donations can be made at the Red Basket site by clicking on the link to the right.

Checks for donations can be mailed.

Make the check out to:

Fieldale Heritage Inc.

Mail to the following address:

Fieldale Heritage Inc.
P.O. Box 590
Fieldale VA 24089

Write Rec. Center in the MEMO line and it will be earmarked for the Center & Pools.

Work Day #1

Thanks to all who could make it today & I’ll give proper notice before the next one!! I think we accomplished most everything we had planned:

The 4th grade classrooms (bowling alley) are in essence clean. We donated multiple loads of items to Goodwill and the green boxes, separated and segregated items for recycling and lumber items that need to be broken down. There is still a LARGE number of Christmas light strands in a box that we held on to in case anyone is interested & has the time to untangle & check. All the paint/solvents/cleaning products that were obviously unusable we stored separately and will dispose of responsibly when the County accepts those items later in the year (or in the spring). ALL the trash was hauled except a few bags which I set just inside the door (my truck is full). There are several items on a table in the 2nd classroom that we left for possible yard sale or definitely Goodwill.

All the items from the pump room at the pool were loaded and hauled away. We plan to pump some water from the “new” pool into the “old”(enough to cover the bottom) next week.

The front desk area was gone through and we’ll need a few hours there yet to be completely done.

I apologize for not thanking everyone here individually but I don’t want to leave anyone out, so THANKS TO ALL!!!! It is very impressive what can be accomplished in a short amount of time when several folks are working at it.

Bob Tuggle has the http://www.ilovefieldale.com/  site up and he is posting these messages and has a calendar. I’ll be working more closely with Bob to be sure information gets out to the site as well as facebook.

Next I suppose we should tackle the upstairs area (desk/pool room/ping pong/card room), there are some recyclable items that need more than one back to move.

There are several (many actually) dead limbs around the ball field, we kicked around the idea today of gathering them up & having a small bonfire sometime over the Holidays, will keep you posted on that.

Thanks Again,


Workday Saturday

Sorry for the late notice but we will have a workday this coming Saturday the 12th beginning at 9:00 AM. Anyone that wants to come is more than welcome and we plan on working in these areas:

Items for the trash were hauled out of the pool house basement two weeks ago, they need to be loaded.

There are many items in the 4th grade classrooms (bowling alley) that can be hauled to Goodwill. Many things there that may have been Goodwill items at one time are no longer, they need to be bagged for trash.

There are several wooden frames that need to be broken down, nails removed and the lumber stacked in the garage out back. Hammer, crowbar at least needed.

There are several old filing cabinets that need to be emptied and hauled for to the recycler, along with one heating unit and several pieces of wire, copper pipe etc. If they cant be hauled Saturday these items need to be placed together near the door.

Although we need to concentrate on ONE area at a time we do need to remove the trash bags from the desk area upstairs and haul off.

I think that’s it, if there are questions it’s easiest to call after today rather than e-mail…276-340-2310

And if anyone coming wants to donate some HEAVY DUTY black trash begs let me know, we’ll get some if not.


Brighten your day.