For Sale

Ornaments and Cookbooks

Available for sale:


$5.00 each, $7.00 for 2 , $3.25 each for 3 or more

  • The Virginia Home
  • The Fieldale Smokestack
  • Fieldale High School

$10.00 each

  • The Shell Station – Sold Out
  • The Fieldcrest Lodge – Sold Out


$10.00 each

The Fieldale Heritage Cookbook

Ornaments and the Cookbook are available at the following friendly locations:

The Fieldale Cafe
63 Marshall Way
Fieldale, Virginia 24089

Fieldale Insurance Agency
51 Marshall Way
Fieldale, VA 24089

Order by mail:

Send your check and list of items to:

Fieldale Heritage Inc
P.O. Box 590
Fieldale, VA 24089

Add $2.50 to mail orders for S/H


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