Memorial Bridge Plaques

Please help preserve The Historical Iron Bridge for Today and Tomorrow

PlaquesDear Friends 

On November 2nd of 2010, we gathered for a Dedication Ceremony of the trusses from our historic Iron Bridge. Built November 17, 1931; it served us well for 77 years.

The project to save some of trusses from the old bridge was a joint endeavor of Fieldale Heritage Incorporated and the Dan River Basin Association. Under the leadership of Jennifer Doss and Brian Williams the project was completed. The result was a beautiful sculpture in the style of the old bridge made by using the original trusses.

The members of the Fieldale Heritage Incorporated were to fund this project by selling 3″x 5″ inch plaques – $100. 00 each – to be placed on the trusses to honor those who help build our unique community; from the early years to the present. The workers who worked in the mill were just as important as the mill officials.They came faithfully to man their machines, labored long and hard to keep the mill operating. We are seeking more plaques of the many people who made Fieldale great.

JaneThe Fieldale Heritage Association, through your generosity, raised enough money and 22 local companies donated a tremendous amount of free help and made it possible to add the trusses to the Walking Trail as ‘Trail Art’.

Today we have almost 200 plaques on our trusses. There is still room for approximately 150 more. When the trusses are full it would be wonderful if we can lay a walkway through the trusses with memorial bricks to make it a nice dry walkway.

We have an additional project now – the restoration of the former Fieldale Community Center and pools.If you would like to purchase a plaque,  we can fill our trusses and provide money for our new community project. Visit the trusses, read the plaques and recall the many friends we remember from our past.

All donations are tax deductible. Proceeds will be used to help maintain the trusses and used for the restoration of newly required property. We appreciate your support!

President: Bea Bullard

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